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Christian Kaenzig's homepage


There are some times where I'm quite fed up with programming and other technical work, when I need to do some artistic expression. That is how I came to images raytracing using POV-Ray. Here are the few pictures I made I think are worth being exposed. The source files are given as well so you can try it yourself at home. If you are interested to learn more about raytracing or just to view more pictures, there are some links below to interesing sites.

Pictures below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Creative Commons License



This was the first picture I actually finished. All previous ones were only tests or aborted attempts because I ran out of time or motivation.

Source: chess.tgz


Straight Piano

I wanted to try to model something a bit more complicated so I modelled a piano inspired by the one I have at home. My first plan was to make a grand piano, but it turned out to be a bit too complicated. Maybe I will try it again later. I think I should also make a complete scene with that piano in it.

Source: piano.pov



I was playing with blobs in POV-Ray when I came up with this image. It looked nice so I made a KDE wallpaper out of it and posted it to kde-look. It even stayed in the top ten for two or three weeks !

Animation: bubbles-anim.avi (xvid)

Source: bubbles.pov


Random Bars

After my last metallic abstract I decided to do something similar. Admittedly the modelling is not very interesting, but I like to play with reflections and lighting.

High res.: rndbars-1920.png

Source: rndbars.pov


© Christian Kaenzig, 2006